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Airpay’s Launch in Tanzania Ushers in a New Era of Financial Inclusion and Digital Empowerment

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Airpay, a global financial technology (fintech) company, has made a significant leap forward in its African expansion with the launch of its digital financial services platform in Tanzania. This strategic move aligns perfectly with the company’s overarching mission to leverage technology as a catalyst for economic progress, as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between India and Tanzania. Having secured the necessary regulatory approvals from the Bank of Tanzania, Airpay is now fully equipped to offer its comprehensive suite of payment solutions across the country.

Beyond facilitating seamless payment transactions, Airpay is deeply committed to fostering digital and financial literacy among Tanzanian citizens. To this end, the company plans to establish the Airpay Academy, a hybrid learning program designed to impart essential digital skills and financial knowledge at the grassroots level. By empowering Tanzanians with these critical competencies, Airpay aims to fuel socioeconomic development and propel the nation towards a more inclusive and digitally integrated future.

The launch in Tanzania marks a pivotal milestone in Airpay’s broader African expansion strategy. To effectively support its growing operations and cater to the region’s diverse needs, Airpay has strategically established two new offices in Tanzania. With this expansion, Airpay sets its sights on reaching twelve African countries and establishing its platform as a driving force for financial inclusion across the continent.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Kunal Jhunjhunwala, Airpay has forged strong partnerships with over 200 financial institutions and 1,000 business partners worldwide. Its robust platform enables seamless financial transactions across multiple channels, including web, mobile, SMS, and more. With its extensive network, Airpay is poised to democratize access to financial services for both individuals and businesses across Tanzania.

Speaking at the launch event in Zanzibar, Jhunjhunwala articulated Airpay’s vision to propel Tanzania to the forefront of the digital era. By empowering tech-savvy citizens, Airpay seeks to drive transformative socioeconomic change at the local level, aligning seamlessly with India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) initiative. Airpay is committed to collaborating closely with the Tanzanian government to realize this shared vision.

The event underscored the significance of Airpay’s launch and was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Saada Mkuya, Tanzania’s Minister of State, and Binaya Pradhan, India’s High Commissioner. Additionally, Airpay Tanzania Co-Founder Yasmin Chali, Tanzanian government officials, and economic agency heads were also present.

With its foray into Tanzania, Airpay has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to fostering financial inclusion and driving technological progress across Africa. Its localized presence, coupled with its focus on digital skills development, positions Airpay as a potent catalyst for empowering communities and propelling Tanzania’s socioeconomic growth. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions tailored to the African market, Airpay is poised to make a profound impact that extends far beyond Tanzania’s borders.

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