BasiGo Unveils Electric Vehicles Charging Station At BuruBuru

With fast charging capabilities, the station is capable of charging six EV buses at a time. However, it is projected to support 25 EV buses before the end of this year.

“BasiGo is proud to have our Buru Buru charging station be the first connected through the new E-mobility tariff,” BasiGo CEO Jit Bhattacharya said.

“Every Electric Bus we deploy, and charge replaces the consumption of 20,000 Litres per year of imported diesel, with the consumption of 50 MWh of clean, renewable electricity produced here in Kenya,” he added.

“With the new E-mobility tariff, we can invest in infrastructure like this charging station and enable the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry in Kenya.”

It becomes the first station to be deployed after the new E-mobility tariff was approved by the Energy, Petroleum, and Regulatory Authority (EPRA) in March.

The tariff provides low-cost power for EV charging during nighttime hours, when Kenya currently has a surplus of renewable energy supply.

“Being the biggest economy in the region, an innovation hub, and a clean energy global leader, Kenya stands an unparalleled chance to become the launch pad for the rest of the continent when it comes to the growth of the EV sector,” KPLC Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Siror said.

The new facility pushes the startup’s charging sites to three in Embakasi, Kikuyu, and now BuruBuru, with capacity to charge over 20 electric buses.

Located on Rabai Road, the Buruburu station will serve EV buses for OMA Services and Embassava SACCO.

“We are grateful to BasiGo for this partnership and entrusting us with 2 e-buses initially and now we are at 4,” OMA Sacco Chairman George Muriithi Githinji stated.

“The facility brings efficiency to our model of operations, because of its proximity and has helped us add additional 8-10 trips in our operations, which translates to revenue of around 22,000 per day.”

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