Flutterwave, the Nigerian payment technology company in talks to acquire Railsbank

Flutterwave, the Nigerian payment technology company, is reportedly in talks to acquire Railsbank, the cloud-based banking platform known for its open, transparent and easily accessible APIs.
If the acquisition goes through, it could be a game changer for Flutterwave as Railsbank’s technology and services would enhance their offering and position them to offer more than just payment services but a full range of financial services. This would help them to grow their customer base and increase revenue.
One of Railsbank’s main USPs is its ability to allow other businesses to easily access banking and financial services through its APIs, which in turn can help to increase revenue and create new revenue streams. Additionally, Railsbank also provides open banking, allowing for third-party developers to create apps that interact with bank accounts and access financial data, with customers’ consent. This can improve the overall banking experience for customers and create more opportunities for innovation.
Overall, this potential acquisition would be a big play for Flutterwave and could help to shape the future of fintech in Africa. I’m excited to see how this development will unfold.” #fintech #innovation #future



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