As the Jubilee live free mobile medical camp set foot in Nanyuki on its 6th day since the launch into the region, Thousands of residents in Meru region  turned up for the Jubilee health insurance, Aga Khan University Hospital and Solutions Sacco one week campaign set to promote wellness and preventative care in the Meru region and its environs. The free mobile clinic dubbed “live free” has seen the company advocate for wellness and creating opportunities where the community can check their health. The Jubilee medical drive is geared towards enabling the residents of Meru access free medical checkups.

Advocating for wellness and creating opportunities where customers and community can check their health, the campaign has seen over 2000 residents from the Meru region in specific solution sacco centers enabling the access healthcare from the Jubilee medical drive which has been geared towards enabling the residents of Meru access to free medical checkups. For many years, a majority of people have only sought care when unwell. This has compromised treatment outcomes as diseases are detected late.

Since the camp started on the 5th December 2022 majority patients aged between 40years to 70 years in different regions In Meru have illustrated different sickness with Imenti region illustrating muscular skeletal conditions mostly associated with coldness in the region on the other hand areas around Igembe South illustrating upper respiratory tract infections and gastric conditions. The camp is focused on the regions of Meru Town, Maua,Chuka,Timau and Nanyuki. The camp ends on the 10th December 2022.

As a renown healthcare provider, Aga Khan University Hospital has been committed to providing access to quality healthcare for the people having an Outpatient Medical Centre on the Ground Floor of Hart Towers along Kenyatta Avenue which has been providing care to the people of Meru for years.