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How National Duka-Owners Association is Empowering Micro-Retailers in Kenya

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The Kenyan micro-retail sector, anchored by the ubiquitous “Dukas,” plays a vital role in the nation’s economy and community life. In a landmark development, the National Duka-owners Association (NDOA) has been established, marking a transformative step towards empowering these small-scale entrepreneurs.

The NDOA, born out of the Smart Duka program by TechnoServe and the elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization, represents a collective force of over 1,600 Duka owners across 42 business groups. With a network spanning ten regional associations, the organization aims to amplify the voices of micro-retailers, shaping the future of this crucial sector.

Economic Powerhouses at the Heart of Communities

Duka owners are not merely shopkeepers; they are the backbone of local economies, generating KES 816 billion in 2022, a testament to their significant contribution to Kenya’s GDP. The sector provides employment opportunities for countless individuals and families, demonstrating its diverse range of jobs and its impact on livelihoods.

Preserving Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Beyond economic contributions, Dukas hold immense cultural significance. They serve as social hubs, fostering unity and preserving local identity. They provide a platform for traditional crafts, supporting small-scale industries and acting as launchpads for entrepreneurship.

Formalizing Success with Smart Duka

Despite their importance, many Duka owners operate informally. The Smart Duka program, a catalyst for change, incorporates technology to formalize and elevate these businesses. Duka owners gain access to finance, market linkages, and digital solutions, propelling them into a more sustainable and formalized future.

The NDOA: A Pivotal Moment for Micro-Retail

The launch of the NDOA marks a pivotal moment for the micro-retail sector. This association will unite Duka owners, providing them with a collective voice to address challenges, negotiate better agreements, and access more opportunities. This launch represents a journey towards a more empowered and formalized micro-retail sector in Kenya.

Join the Movement, Reshape the Future

An invitation extends to all Kenyans to join the movement that reshapes the future of the micro-retail sector. Engage with the NDOA, support your neighborhood Duka, and become a part of the movement that empowers communities, preserves tradition, and fosters economic growth. Together, let’s build a more sustainable and prosperous future for micro-retailers across Kenya.

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