Jabra brings its remote work tools to Kenya in new partnership with Mart Networks

Jabra, a Danish brand specializing in audio equipment, and more recently videoconference systems has partnered with Mart Networks, a technology distributor to launch its new video and headset devices for remote workers in Kenya.

According to Nicolas Bliaux, Managing Director Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS, Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Jabra, the Covid-19 pandemic has occasioned a 500% increase in the remote workforce.

“Since 2020, we’ve seen a huge acceleration towards a more hybrid-working future, and professionals everywhere are now dividing their time between multiple locations. From the office to the home office, and everywhere in between, a hybrid working style gives you the freedom to work wherever, whenever, and however suits you best”, said Bliaux.

But to get the most out of your hybrid workday, you need the right tools. A study conducted by Jabra found that 85% of knowledge workers believe technology is critical to successfully working from anywhere.

“As 85% of businesses are looking to improve collaboration for their employees through better technology, we’ve been leading that charge for years”, said Rodney Wearing,Territory Sales Manager, Southern, Eastern and Central Africa, Jabra

More people than ever are now choosing to work from home for at least part of the working week, but 42% of office employees say they lack the equipment and technology they need to do their job effectively from their home office. As well as this, 52% are worried that the communication challenges of working from home may negatively impact their career prospects.

With the right set of tools, you can minimize your commute, improve your work-life balance, and enjoy all the added flexibility that hybrid working can bring, without any of the communication compromises.

“Ninety per cent of Jabra’s products are for enterprise business and 10% are for the consumer market. We are proud to be associated with this a market leader that has existed for 153 years to bring the best remote working, contact centre and intelligent video conferencing solutions to Kenya and accross the region”, said Moiz Maloo, Managing Director, The Mart Networks Group

With Kenya being a pioneer in the region in setting up contact centres, Jabra has introduced Engage AI, a new kind of sentiment analysis software, empowered by artificial intelligence that helps contact center agents enhance and improve the customer experience. Engage AI uses our revolutionary new technology to analyze customers’ and agents’ tone of voice in real time to understand the sentiments and engagement levels running through both sides of the conversation. Then it displays the sentiment score for the agent live during the call in a simple, fun, and engaging way.

This helps them adjust and improve their tone of voice in the moment, to give customers an even better experience. Because positive agents are more engaged, so customers end calls feeling happy they’ve been heard and helped.

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