Jubilee Health Insurance’s Jijenge na Jubilee Incentive Program Gains Momentum, Rewarding First Winners with 500k Worth of Rewards

Jubilee Health Insurance, a leading insurance company in East Africa, is making waves with its recently launched Jijenge na Jubilee Incentive Program. This ground-breaking program, which took off earlier this month, aims to revolutionize healthcare access and affordability in Kenya.

Recognizing the significant role played by intermediaries in promoting and distributing affordable health insurance products, Jubilee Health Insurance has designed this program to incentivize and appreciate their efforts. The objective is to ensure that more households across Kenya can benefit from comprehensive health insurance coverage.

It is no secret that insurance penetration remains low in the country, with only 2 percent of the Kenyan population being covered by private health insurers. This results in many Kenyans having to pay for healthcare expenses out of pocket, hindering their access to quality care and putting them at risk of falling into poverty.

To address this issue, Jubilee Health Insurance is actively driving awareness about the importance of insurance and striving to increase insurance uptake through personalized and affordable insurance solutions. The company is committed to supporting intermediaries who play a vital role in educating individuals about insurance products and guiding them through the purchasing process.

“We are excited to launch the Jijenge na Jubilee Incentive Program to appreciate our intermediaries and support them in their efforts to expand access to health insurance solutions,” said Njeri Jomo, CEO of Jubilee Health. “The program offers exciting prizes to intermediaries who achieve their sales targets, with the grand prize being an apartment awarded at the end of the year. This strongly motivates intermediaries to continue their valuable work in increasing insurance uptake and improving healthcare access across Kenya.”

“We are committed to improving the accessibility of health insurance in Kenya,” noted Dr. Julius Kipngetich, Group CEO of Jubilee Insurance. “Our intermediaries are our brand ambassadors, and we will continue to invest in their growth, which ultimately contributes to our collective success.”

The Jijenge na Jubilee Incentive Program has already demonstrated its support for intermediaries, as evidenced by the round one winners receiving rewards worth 500,000 KES. Since its launch earlier this month, the program is ongoing success story is bringing about positive change in the healthcare landscape of Kenya.

About Jubilee Health Insurance:
Jubilee Health Insurance is a renowned provider of comprehensive health insurance solutions, dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare that effectively meets the diverse needs of its clients. Their extensive range of insurance plans caters to individuals, families, and groups, offering personalized and easily accessible healthcare solutions that prioritize overall wellness and positive health outcomes. Jubilee Health Insurance offers a wide array of products that cater to individuals with low incomes, ensuring that even those in lower income brackets can access essential medical.

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