Kushite East Africa ICP launches web3 hub to drive blockchain awareness

One of the main challenges of blockchain technology is a lack of awareness and understanding among the general population. To address this, Kushite East Africa ICP Hub has launched a local web3 hub focused on education and awareness of this technology.

The hub’s mission is to increase blockchain advocacy, awareness, and adoption in East Africa and beyond. The initiative promotes Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) awareness among developers through education and evangelism in the East African region.

Yvonne Kagondu, East Africa ICP. Hub co-founder says the African continent has peaked as an important market in crypto adoption due to its young population. ‘’Kushite’s vision is to educate as many students through campus tours which have already kicked off, having toured the University of Nairobi, NIBS Technical College, KMTC and JKUAT main campuses.’’

‘’The hub is also focused on training and collaborating with aspiring and existing web3 software developers in East Africa,’’ she adds.

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a decentralized computing protocol that enables the creation and operation of a global, open and secure network called the Internet Computer. It aims to extend the functionality of the traditional internet. Instead of relying on individual servers, the network utilizes a vast collection of worldwide computers to store and process data.

This distributed approach improves scalability, enhances security, and enables new possibilities for developers to create & deploy applications directly on the Internet Computer.

The hub says it looks forward to working with other groups to make the crypto community the best it can be. This will be done through community meet-ups, hackathons, code jams, and events.

Kushite East Africa ICP Hub is an initiative that promotes Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) awareness to developers through education and evangelism in the East African region. We teach and explore the decentralized world while still having fun along the way through incentives such as campus tours and hackathons.

Since its launch, the company has been raising awareness and understanding of the ICP and its benefits among developers and the general public in the East African region, providing education and training opportunities for developers who want to learn and master the skills and tools needed to build on an inclusive ICP.

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