The Finance and Planning Committee has approved Susan Jemutai Koech’s appointment as the second Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) deputy governor. According to the parliamentary committee, Dr Koech fulfilled all the necessary conditions to be appointed as the second deputy governor.

Susan Koech holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Moi University and previously served as the Nairobi Regional Head at KCB Group before transitioning to a career in government.

Mid-February, President William Ruto selected Dr Koech for the leading position and forwarded her name to the Parliament for scrutiny.

During her appearance before the vetting panel, Dr Koech requested that MPs to reinstate a law limiting interest rates to reduce loan costs.

Additionally, Dr Koech shared her goal of establishing a robust and functional interbank forex market while highlighting the current market’s collapse. She also expressed her intention to lower credit costs and oversee bank mergers and acquisitions.

Dr Susan Jemutai Koech firmly stated that she wants to see a functional and vibrant interbank forex market.