Ruto’s Cabinet Goes Digital; CSs To Only Carry Tablets To Meetings

President William Ruto’s Cabinet has taken the first step towards the realization of the government’s digitization drive after it held its first paperless session at State House on Tuesday.

The Presidential Communication Service on Tuesday shared photos from the Cabinet where the Head of State was seen charing a session with no papers or files.

This development is a follow-up of the President’s January 6 directive to the Secretary to the Cabinet to step up efforts to ensure that his administration goes paperless in the delivery of services to Kenyans. President Ruto told the cabinet retreat that the paperless system will be replicated in all government departments soon.

“It will be expected of them to leverage on technology to make government more efficient,” he said.

He decried that the traditional way of conducting business had resulted in poor delivery of services. With the introduction of technology, he underscored that all manner of bureaucracy will be eliminated.

“I think it is time Kenyans got value for the resources they put at our disposal to run their affairs,” he said. The Kenya Kwanza government manifesto has heavily banked on technology to fulfill its pledges to the electorate.

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