Smart African Group launches Rifaly, an African-centered content streaming platform

Smart African Group (SAG) a company that builds technology solutions for Africa has launched Rifaly, a content aggregation platform aimed at sharing information and knowledge about the continent through digital media.

Rifaly is a creation of Smart Foundry, a subsidiary of Tanzania-based Smart Africa Group. The company says the platform is made available and accessible to anyone with a smartphone and internet access. There is a wide collection of content that visitors can read, listen to, or stream.

“Rifaly is a curated digital content library. Focusing on the discovery of Africa’s trusted content creators through the convenience and accessibility of a mobile device.” Says the company in a statement on its LinkedIn profile.

Rifaly, the company explains, is a fusion of the word “rifa”; an extract from the Words “Taarifa” and “Maarifa” meaning News and information, and the word digitally. Implying Rifaly is a digital enabler for access to news and information.

The company hopes that this product morphs into “the Amazon for Africa”. Speaking during the launch, Smart Africa Group CEO Mr. Edwin Bruno said, “Academics, local publishers, and online influencers now have a home-grown solution to help them monetize their content online.”

“Whether it’s print publications like books, newspapers, and magazines, or audio content like podcasts, Rifaly provides a reliable distribution channel and scalable revenue model that meets the users’ needs, at their convenience,” he added.

Across the continent, there are increased efforts to build platforms that create and curate African-centered content, a move that’s aimed at reversing the traditional focus on Westernized content.

A few weeks ago, African Stream, a pan-African social-media platform was launched in Nairobi Kenya. In Nigeria, Breach, a platform that previously focused on crypto education pivoted into a publication platform where creators can build an audience and build their support communities.


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